Tuesday, April 27, 2010

1 Month Later.

Hey everybody!

Its been almost a month since my last update.
I have been working on a big project and so was unable to really make pieces for myself.
But now after 1.5 year of drawing it is starting to pay off slowly...
My skills have improved about 400% XD And im starting to get more confident to send my own stuff out to companies.

Anyway, I have done alot of sketchwork which you can find on my website. www.beek-art.com
And have started to experiment with oil paint. Which is super cool stuff!!
Yet really hard to use :/
But practice makes perfect! So i'll battle some more with it.

In about a month a exposition will open with some of my work.
When that happends i will take some pictures and upload it here :)
More details will follow!

For now i just got some stuff i want to share with you peeps!

peace out!