Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Before Xmass

Hello peoples! A second update this month, but most likely the last update of this year. There is some great stuff going to happen next year, to bad i'm not allowed to post it on here yet.. But yeh! Some great new oppertunities have presented themselves. So i just gotta do my very frikkin best to make it all happen and bring it to a succes! I'll leave you guys with some stuff i have created over the last week or 2. To check out more work see my website/sketchbook section. Or follow me on dA or Thank you all for the support for this year! Merry X-mass and a Happy Newyear! Greetz!!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

December 8 - 2011

Hello everyone, Its that time of the year again! December.. My favourite month! Though its also the month where you barely have any time for work or studying.. Cuz ur to busy eating and drinking :) I'll try to keep working as much as i can this year.. No breaks for me! Been doing some fair amount of pencils lately,, just to get really back into that habbit of sketching. And doodling ideas.. You can check those out over at my concept art .org sketchbook here: LINK And ofcourse i have been doing some digital stuff! Which will follow now ;) Enjoy! And thanks for reading! All the support , comment and crits are more than welcome! Thank you all!