Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Last day of June!


Been a while again :D
Still very busy with painting and drawing..
And a bit of work aswell..

Im still not allowed to post some of my finished characters out on the net.
But when its all set ill definatly post them :)

Ive also started to make a serie of oil still lifes and some anatomy paintings of hands arms and torso's.

Oils is alot of fun to do!

Anyway,, ill leave here with some drawings and paints!
Hope you like it!

See yah!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

A little update!

Hello everyone!

Today i decided to update this little blog!
Its been a while and quite some stuff happened over the last month.

My exposition on the 18th of June will not continue!
Yet i will prolly get my own exposition in September or so.. if all goes well.
So thats super awsome! XD
In the mean time i will be focusses on making oil paintings.
That stuff is really new to me so i gotta learn.
And have made a lot shit.. stuff that is not worth to be shown XD
All practice i guess :)

Anyway.. its not like i havent done anything these last few weeks.
You can check it out in my sketchbook on my website:
Here you can see all my sketches and digital stuff that i do..
I almsot update it every 2/3 days.
So be sure to check it out !

Now to leave some visuals: