Thursday, December 2, 2010


Hey everyone,

To my big surprise one of my pictures got selected to be a DD yesterday. Captain Bird
Which resulted into over 10.000 views.. the highest i had ever had on any picture.. ever! :S

Which is cool ofcourse!, i feel kinda honored but not entirely..
Cuz im gettin the credits for it, though it was a collaboration with Monotony

So he deserves the credits to! :)

Anyway,, things are going pretty well for me lately.
I got quite some work and its starting to become more and more..
I just have to find time to do stuff for myself and keep studying.. ( Cuz thats the key ;) )

And updating.. :D

Im a little lazy with the scanner..
And if i am scanning and uploading paperwork it will prolly not end up here.
Most of my paperwork ends up in my sketchbook.
Which can be found here: CA Sketchbook RBeek
You can watch my progress from day 1 to now. And how much i still have to learn ;)

Ohwell! Hope i can keep you guys updated with all the stuff im going to do, draw or paint :)

We'll Keep in touch ;)

Greetings XX :D

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