Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sorry for the absence!

Hello everyone,

First of all.. Sorry for the absence!

I've been busy with some freelance jobs, social stuff, vacations and all sort of other awsome activities..
Sorry to say, but i kinda forgot about this place! :)

I shall try to not let this happen again.

So whats new you might wonder?
Well.. Not all that much.
Except for the face that i got better at arts?..
I'm competing with a comic contest ( which i will let you know about later.. when i know i won or lost :) )
Doing some freelance work including gamedesigns and bookcovers.. which is also quite awsome!
And doing some private commissions to kill the time in between :)

Anyway, i will try to keep this blog more up-to-date and post some usefull stuff here once in a while.
For now ill just leave you with some arts i created over the past few weeks :)

And feel free to leave a crit or comment!



  1. Loving the colours in all of these

  2. yeah, havin' jobs is awesome. so gratz on that ;)